New My City Too! campaign phase & pamphlet launched: Young People & Localism- Votes at 14

Research shows that many young people feel that they have little or no influence in decisions about their city. Young people must be fully involved in placemaking and policy-making if they are going to value, respect and take ownership of the spaces and places around them

Since the launch of the My City Too campaign in 2007, over 3000 young Londoners, aged 12 – 19, have come together to develop a set of unique methods that can be used to involve young people in the design and creation of London's urban environment.

We seek to influence policy and create positive changes. We want to promote young people in a public and professional environment and show ourselves in a different light. We hope to improve perceptions of young people by demonstrating the value of young people’s input.

Our methods include developing a manifesto, debating with Mayoral candidates, engaging with professionals and lobbying and working with local decision makers.

  • Policy and debate - seeking to contribute to policy and debate to ensure youth participation is embedded within local and regional processes.
  • Raising awareness is important in bringing young people’s ideas and research to a level where they can effect change.