Policy & Debate

My City Too seeks to contribute to policy and debate at both a local and regional level to ensure that youth participation is embedded within local and regional processes.
Through its Localism Bill, the current government aims to shift power on decision-making about planning and the built environment back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils (DCLG, 2011). But will young people be able to vote in the referendums? Will they be invited into neighbourhood forums?

Through our Young Planners Programme we have aimed to change the way Local Authorities seek to include young people in their planning and development work. My City Too’s ‘Localism and Youth Participation’ Seminar demonstrated the capacity of young people to participate in the debate taking on complex issues around built environment policy. By presenting case studies and taking part in panel discussions they proved young people can be articulate on a platform normally reserved only for older generations.

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Youth Localism Seminar

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