My Future Market

Open-City was commissioned by OSBL to design and deliver two youth design workshops examining the Shepherds Bush Market regeneration project.

Key Project Information

Partners: Commissioned by Orion Shepherds Bush Limited, in partnership with Bush Theatre
Participants: 20 young people aged 13-19
Format: 2-day workshop

Project Overview

Open-City was commissioned by OSBL to design and deliver two youth design workshops aimed at young people aged 12-19. The workshops examined the Shepherds Bush Market regeneration project and linked to the wider Open-City work and My City Too programme. The My City Too programme has developed creative and engaging methods to work with young people exploring and examining built environment projects and policy, which were applied to the Shepherds Bush Market Regeneration project creating the ‘My Future Market’ project, delivered through targeted workshops that engaged with young people in the local area. The workshops allowed the participants to input into the design process in a meaningful way and gave them an understanding of the processes involved in regeneration and development.

To watch the My Future Market Film follow this link


  • To increase community and youth involvement in the OSBL project and increase the skills base of a group of young people aged 12-19.
  • To understand what young people thought of the OSBL proposals and generate ideas and responses to the proposals during the first stage of consultation.
  • To design and deliver workshops focused on the OSBL project that explored the principals, design elements and potential options for the OSBL project going forward.
  • To capture all the participants’ responses through both film and design work produced.

Project Detail

The regeneration of Shepherds Bush Market aims to expand and reinvigorate the market area creating a space that encourages increased economic activity and creates and environment suitable for the whole community to use and enjoy. The project has entered its first phase of consultation identifying the aspirations and ambitions that the community has for the market area, which will subsequently be developed into design options that will be used to inform the masterplanning process.

The My Future Market workshops focused on Exploration and Design Principles and Design Challenges and Communicating Ideas over the two days. Participants were given the opportunity to use creative and multimedia activities to explore issues related to the regeneration of Shepherds Bush Market. After the initial exploration of the themes and design issues the participants were asked to generate their own design responses through film and design work.

Site explorations using cameras/maps/quiz hunts, mind-mapping activities, discussion and debate, hands-on design activities and filming were all used during the two workshops as tools for young people to explore and express their ideas.


Young people were able to:

  • Gain knowledge and skills that can be used to contribute to regeneration & design projects
  • Input into the development of a mixed use site, learning how to consider the needs of all stakeholders & community members
  • Become ambassadors of good design and advocates of their community needs

Built environment professionals were able to:

  • Utilise the input of young people in a design process
  • Understand the needs of the community

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