Peckham Square

A two-day youth-led engagement exercise workshop in Peckham, exploring issues about the impact and solutions for derelict space in London.

Key Project Information

Partners: Open House London Weekend
Participants: 19 young people aged 14-19, 5 design professionals
Format: 2-day youth-led public engagement

Project Overview

As part of the London Open House Weekend, young Londoners aged 12-19 held a public engagement event in Peckham, examining issues around derelict spaces in London. They conducted a street debate and used postcards to gather information from the local community to find out how abandoned areas can affect neighbourhoods as well as identifying and considering potential options for reusing spaces.


The aim of the weekend was to gather information about the impact of derelict space on the built environment to support the wider body of research amassed by the young people taking part in the My City Too campaign.

Project Detail

As part of the London Open House Weekend, 2010, young Londoners aged 12-19 held an event in Peckham engaging with the public to explore their views about Peckham's derelict spaces, asking how abandoned areas affect neighbourhoods whilst identifying and considering potential options for reusing spaces.

The Young Ambassadors asked the public to write and draw on postcards what they wanted from their local built environment taking into account the need to use all potential space in London by bringing derelict areas back into use.
They also led a street debate at Peckham Square joined by professionals from the built environment, community leaders, artists and council officers as well as members of the public, discussing the impact and opportunities of derelict spaces in London.


The ambassadors learned how to bring their campaign to the streets and motivate the wider community to put their opinions forward. They developed social skills by engaging with public and finding out what others would like to see happen in public spaces.

They also put presentation skills into practice, explaining the My City Too campaign and debating with professionals and decision makers.
It raised awareness about community needs regarding the built environment and increased their understanding of local derelict spaces and what needs to be done to improve them.

Young people were able to talk to adults about issues they find important - the perception of young people in public space, the needs of the older generations in the streets and open spaces and how to respect the space of the different generations in the public realm.

My City Too ambassadors engaged with 150 people collecting 80 postcard responses.

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“It was a pleasure to take part in the debate with the My City Too young ambassadors..”

Michael Carnuccio, Regeneration and Neighbourhoods, Southwark Council