Places To Hang Out

The ‘Places to Hang Out’ project combined Open-City action research workshops with a survey around young Londoner’s main concerns and ideas for public space.

Key Project Information

Partners: Make Architects
Participants: Young people aged 13-16
Format: Design workshops; peer survey; intergenerational event

Project Overview

The ‘Places to Hang Out’ project combined an Open-City survey and action research workshops around young Londoner’s main concerns and ideas for the places in which they socialise. These ‘places to hang out’ encompass public spaces such as parks, shopping areas and streets.

This two-month project with young people aged 12-16 from all over London comprised regular forums and workshops in which participants presented their ideas for better ‘places to hang out’ – looking at shopping centres, streets, parks etc – using mind-mapping activities, filming and video interviews.


To gain a real understanding of young people’s perceptions and feelings about public space and create a forum in which these views can be debated with decision makers.

Project Detail

‘Places to Hang Out’ Survey – February 2007
The ‘Places to Hang Out’ survey was carried out among 200 secondary students from East London. Findings included:

  • Young people’s favourite places to hang out were: 1) Bedroom (24%), 2) Shopping area (17%) and School (17%), 3) Park (15%)
  • Young people’s priorities for London streets are: 1) Safer (30%), 2) Cleaner (25%), 3) More youth clubs and shops (19%)

‘Places to Hang Out’ Action Research Workshops – March-April 2007:
The ‘Places to Hang Out’ workshops took place through London-wide workshops, allowing My City Too’ young ambassadors, aged 13-16, to explore the major challenges they face in London public places. This resulted in suggestions to improve these places for young people as well as other members of the population.
The My City Too ambassadors were given the opportunity to present their concerns and ideas to London Councillors through the ‘Places to Hang Out’ Intergeneration Event, which took place in April 2007.

‘Places to Hang Out’ Intergenerational Event – April 2007:
The ‘Places to Hang Out’ Intergenerational Event allowed My City Too’s young ambassadors to present their views about the design and use of public spaces to local decision-makers, and the challenges they perceive in their local areas. This was a unique forum for councillors to hear and engage with the views of young people from their boroughs.


Gaining further understanding of young people’s perceptions of public space.

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