Rise Park, Havering

A three-day workshop with Havering Young Planners group using multimedia techniques to explore redevelopment of Rise Park, put forward their own designs and discuss their ideas with decision-makers.

Key Project Information

Partners: LB Havering
Participants: 15 young people aged 14-19
Format: 3-day workshop

Project Overview

The Rise Park workshop will provide local young people with specific training related to spaces, planning and issues before allowing them to explore their ideas for the future scheme.
Based in a nearby youth club, workshop activities will include visits of an exemplary space outside Havering, space exploration of the Rise Park site through various activities, as well as creative and multimedia activities such as digital photography and video.


The objectives of the workshop are to provide a group of 10-15 local young people with the tools and language to experience the space from an architectural point of view and to explore their ideas for its future development in an informed manner.

  • Introduce 10-15 young people to basic concepts related to planning, design and architecture.
  • Broaden young people’s horizons by showing them exemplary designs relevant to the Rise Park development.
  • Enable young people to acquire the tools and language necessary to the appraisal of future developments in Havering.
  • Allow young people to explore and articulate their ideas for the Rise Park development through creative and multimedia activities.
  • Encourage participants to take part in the Havering Young Planners group on a long-term basis.

Project Detail

Young people’s recruitment: Havering youth services recruited a group of 10-15 young people who not only use Rise Park on a regular basis, but some of whom have also taken part in a more general consultation process regarding the youth centre. This workshop enabled them to further their understanding of design and planning issues involved in regeneration projects, while providing a core group of young people with the skills to become part of the Havering Young Planners group. The 3-day workshop was documented through photographs and video, producing a short film documenting activities and outcomes of the project.

The workshop involved activities based around architecture design, and planning; communication skills; research; problem solving; filming techniques and public speaking. It helped young people to experience spaces in a new way through exploration activities and working with professionals and involved learning from their peers through peer-led facilitation by My City Too young Ambassadors.


Participants developed a number of valuable skills. They learned new ways of looking at and
thinking about spaces as well as new ways of communicating their ideas to decision-makers.
They learnt about design and planning issues and processes and how spaces can be improved.

  • Participants started to identify ways of improving a specific space for all.
  • They were able to carry out research of a specific site
  • They presented their ideas to their peers
  • They were able to understand basic language and issues related to architecture and planning

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