Influencing Policy

Research shows that many young people feel that they have little or no influence in decisions about their city. Young people must be fully involved in place making and policy-making if they are going to value, respect and take ownership of the spaces and places around them.

The are currently two areas of national government policy of relevance to My City Too and its work, one is that of the Localism Bill, which seeks to overhaul the current planning system and the second is the youth strategy approach  ‘Positive for Youth’ which is currently being consulted on through a series of discussion papers.

Localism Bill: My City Too response

There is a real and pressing need to include young people in the creation of our neighbourhoods and communities. In March 2011 The My City Too Young ambassadors held a seminar examining the impact of Localism on young people. The young ambassadors have questioned how they will be involved in both the forums and the referendums.

The My City Too Ambassadors have prepared a pamphlet on Young People and Localism, as part of their response to the new Government agenda. The pamphlet includes methods for how to involve young people in delivering Localism, what will help young people to participate and what you can expect from their involvement in return. The pamphlet include input from practitioners, policy makers and community members to ensure the proposals reflect a wide range of those involved in the built environment.

To Download the pamphlet please click on the link below

My City Too Pamphlet


Positive for Youth: My City Too response

The Government has stated a commitment to encouraging youth participation and involvement in civic and social life and is currently consulting on how best to achieve. My City Too have methods of working that respond to the key questions raised within the discussion papers. My City Too commented on the share our examples of working with the Department to ensure all potential methods of working are disseminated across the sector.

Key points from the Positive for Youth Discussion Papers that we will be responding to are:

As part of young people’s positive role in society, [the Government] want:

  • Young people having a say in the decisions that affect them to be the norm - of their communities
  • Volunteering and making a positive contribution to their communities to be a natural part of young people’s lives both in school and college and beyond
  • Young people to be respected as valued members of society and recognised for the contribution they make.


Previous work influencing policy and strategy:

  • Debating the needs of young people in the built environment and My City Too Manifesto with London Mayoral candidates 2008
  • Assisting with redrafting Local Authority consultation practices (LB Ealing & LB Harrow) and procedures through the Young Planners Programme
  • Influencing local decision makers and planning authorities to include young people in planning and design throughout the process
  • Organising and holding the only youth-led Localism Seminar to date