My City Too’s peer-to-peer work is a valuable way of reinforcing leadership skills as well as being able to reach large numbers of young people quickly and effectively. It begins to equip young people with valuable skills enabling them to engage with decision-makers in a meaningful way.

Their leadership and core involvement demonstrates a capacity to articulate complex issues and take on responsibility in seeing a project through from inception to completion, therefore a better understanding and ability to articulate.

We feel this type of engagement has real benefits to the industry as a model that can be replicated in a number of settings with an ability to reach a large number of young people.

Peer learning provides excellent benefits to young people, increasing confidence through engaging peers and taking on challenging roles in developing their own briefs, workshops, toolkits and materials.

  • Peer-led design workshops - through our Speaking Spaces project, young people were trained and supported to deliver peer-led design workshops focusing on the built environment.
  • Peer-to-Peer Surveys - provide valuable research to support our wider campaign.
  • Peer Mentoring - young ambassadors from our citywide group provide mentoring to other young people in many of our local action projects, utilising the skills they have gained from their My City Too work.