Local Action Research

Engaging with hard to reach young people remains a core aim for My City Too. We seek to enable access to new opportunities for those not in formal education or employment, who might not have the social capital to make those links without intervention.

My City Too has undertaken an extensive series of local action research projects with groups from across London, exploring particular places or built environment issues in depth as a means of learning more about young people’s concerns. These have included retail spaces, the public realm and issues such as anti-social behaviour, and provided the opportunity to meet built environment professionals. Action research projects have proved to be a successful way to engage young people with their local environment with positive and lasting benefits.

The workshops focus on three core learning elements:
1. Active exploration of exemplary design: site visits to inspirational spaces they may have previously considered ‘not for them’ offer young people new experiences and an increased awareness of the scale, dynamism and diversity of the city.
2. Exchanging knowledge and ideas with peers supported by professional facilitation. This challenges young people to question conventions and assumptions and encourages them to think independently and express their ideas.
3. Action learning: testing out new ideas and communicating them via creative activities.
Activities are inclusive and supported and can be adapted for a range of abilities and degrees of commitment. The activities encourage team-working and there are a range of roles and responsibilities that the young people can define and take on.

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