Through My City Too’s extensive youth participation work, we have developed resources and guidance that are available to download here.


Speaking Spaces Toolkit

Created by Open-City, is a new resource enabling young people to lead design workshops and consultation exercises on the built environment, and to become leaders around spaces rather than passive ‘consultees’.

The toolkit is a unique tool that has the potential to reach and be used by thousands of young people around the country to develop their own leadership skills and peer awareness campaigns in relation to the spaces that surround them. The toolkit can be used in any youth setting, such as youth clubs or classrooms or in planning for real development activities.

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In 2008 the My City Too Ambassadors developed and published a teenagers’ manifesto for better places in the capital enabling them to bring their ideas to the public and decision makers alike.

The manifesto is available to download here and describes why it was developed as well as young people's ideas for a better London.

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My High Street, My Heritag

My High Street, My Heritage Toolkit

My City Too designed and delivered the ‘My High Street, My Heritage’ project enabling young people to explore the architectural heritage of their local high street and understand how it has evolved.

Young people from Romford and Acton identified the origins of their high street and reasons for its location, tracked historical changes, learned about the role of the high street as the heart of the community, and how it has influenced its identity.

This toolkit is designed to help other practioners who wish to stimulate interest in the high street and capture what heritage means to young people.

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MC2 Forum Report


My City Too Forum Report 2007-2011

My City Too completed over 40 monthly forums over a four year time period. To find out what happened in each workshop and to get ideas and inspiration for your own built environment activities please down load the full report.

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My City Too Pamphlet

My City Too - Young People & Localism Pamphlet 2011

My City Too aims to involve young people in policy both local, regional and national. The My City Too Ambassadors responded to the Localism Bill by publishing a pamphlet that argues for greater inclusion of young people in planning process, including allowing young people from the age of 14 upwards the right to vote in local referendums.

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