Capacity Building

My City Too has been successful in building the capacity of young people to become involved in thinking articulately about their built environment through the design and delivery of numerous bespoke skills and training sessions.

My City Too helps young people understand basic design principles as well as how to assess and question the response of spaces and buildings to their context and the impact (both physical and social) on the local area.

We help young people to consider changes in their city and how they can be involved in this process. Our ongoing activities bring together young people and decision-makers to build greater awareness of architecture, urban design and regeneration among London’s communities. Unlike any other programme for young people, My City Too has a dual approach at local and London-wide levels to address community development and public space issues both strategically and practically.

We recruit participants from youth centres, schools, housing estates and youth organisations identifying the specific needs of the young people to ensure workshops are pitched at the right level and make use of the correct learning approaches, methods and media. This approach enables us to create bespoke and tailored learning experiences allowing young people the chance to gain new knowledge in a way most appropriate to them.

To watch our short film to learn more about what we do please follow this link

  • Intergenerational learning brings together young people and decision makers to explore ideas and solutions.
  • Design workshops teach practical skills focusing on architecture, urban design and planning.
  • Monthly forums bring together young people to learn about the built environment and discuss challenges, ideas and develop the campaign.
  • Partnership working builds real and in depth dialogue between young people, designers, developers, councils and other decision-makers.