Intergenerational Learning

Intergenerational workshops bring together young people and decision-makers from across London to explore placemaking solutions and ideas that can be applied to local and regional policy. This environment allows groups, both young and old, to be given an equal platform and recognise the validity of one another’s views.

What are the benefits?

  • Intergenerational events can provide decision-makers with a unique forum to hear and engage with the views of young people.
  • Local decision-makers and young people from a particular area can work together to explore and articulate possible ways of addressing those challenges.
  • Professionals and decision-makers receive training in working with young people to produce appropriate solutions to existing problems.
  • Help to develop the communication skills to bridge generational divides.


My City Too has designed and facilitated a number of intergenerational events that have engaged with young people and decision-makers across London.

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