Monthly Forums

My City Too’s monthly forums are an integral part of developing skills and training, bringing together a core group of young people – known as My City Too Ambassadors – from across the capital to learn about the built environment.

These forums form the core of the My City Too campaign and have been running every month since the start of the programme in 2007, focusing on a different theme or issue each time. Through regular visits to many of London’s inspirational buildings and places, the young ambassadors have amassed a body of research around young people’s experience of the built environment and public realm.

The forums help Ambassadors to discuss ideas at a regional level in an informal way, feeding back opinions to their own communities to make My City Too a truly London-wide initiative. As well as helping to steer the programme, this group allows young people to learn through other young people’s experience, to meet with peers from different backgrounds and to build friendships outside their school and home. By working with design professionals, and by giving speeches and presentations, the Ambassadors are also able to expand their communication skills, and, uniquely, to learn how to articulate their needs and aspirations around the built environment, which they cannot do through the school curriculum.