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We have worked with number of built environment professionals, across the industry, including developers, architects, planners, engineers and regeneration specialists. Our programmes aim to help young people learn about each of the professions, and help the professionals understand the needs and priorities of young people in relation to their individual specialism.
Young people are an often-untapped resource and have much to offer when approaching a development project, in particular mixed-use environments and open spaces or when unexplored areas of research arise, such as the anticipated impact of high density living on young people. My City Too can help design and facilitate workshops, always ensuring the need, objectives and outcomes of the industry partners are met alongside those of the young people participating.

“Regeneration by its very nature is about making a place better for current inhabitants and for future generations … What better people to ask for help during the creative stage of place-making than these teenagers - the actual people who will use, manage, create businesses, grow families and enjoy the very place we are trying to create … Open-City’s youth programmes have given First Base access to a much more complete set of issues to digest as we progress our place making ambitions across London.”

Richard Powell, Director, First Base

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For more information about our projects and our methods of working with built environment professionals, please see our case studies. If you would like to discuss working with My City Too on a project, or have a query about you might involve young people, please feel free to contact us at mycitytoo@open-city.org.uk

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