Who are you? Neighbourhood Leader

Through the Localism Bill, central government aims to shift power on decision-making about planning and the built environment back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils (DCLG, 2011).

It more is more vital than ever to ensure young people will have a voice in these newly created neighbourhood forums. Without the inclusion of young people the neighbourhood plans will lack the legitimacy they require to achieve the aspirations of the whole community.

Whether you are a resident, councillor or community organiser or activist looking to include young people in your current or future project, plan or forum, we can provide extensive knowledge and expertise on the best methods of positively engaging with young people.

For further inspiration for working with young people please view the films we have made with them: fun, lively and some are just a little chaotic.

"I have been greatly impressed with the work Open City have been doing with youngsters right across the capital. Their projects give youngsters an opportunity to learn about planning, architecture and communities that simply isn’t available in a classroom. I was fortunate enough to attend an open day earlier this year and the presentations from the young people were engaging, thoughtful and informative. Speaking to some of the participations afterwards, it was really inspiring to hear how their experiences had encouraged them to become more active in their communities or consider a future career in the field. I firmly believe that as many young people as possible should have the opportunity to flourish through Open City’s work."

Daniel Crawford, Labour councillor for Acton Central