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One of the benefits of good youth engagement in planning projects and policy is that you are able to design more inclusive spaces for all sections of the community, but it also helps practioners introduce young people to work of their local borough officers, decision makers and civic groups. Enabling young people to participate in planning and design projects in a meaningful way can help to ensure their voices are heard on a number of cross cutting issues such as, sustainability and how to tackle inequalities within a local borough.  

The inclusion of young people within planning can help to ensure planning obligations are fulfilled, that applications are successful and planning guidance is appropriate, rigorous and of the highest quality.

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The Young Planners Programme, funded by the Department for Education, pioneers a new and more sustainable approach to youth participation in shaping the environment: involving young people in decision-making processes around the built environment at a local level ensures that boroughs and neighbourhoods continue to incorporate the needs of young people, but also involves young people in all stages of the development process.

This programme has been able to meet the needs of individual London boroughs, identifying young people’s priorities and exploring how current or future spaces are used. The Young Planners Programme has developed new approaches to youth-led consultation ensuring that boroughs are able to develop a youth participation strategy that meets their own objectives and places young people in the process at a local neighbourhood level.

If you would like to discuss working with My City Too on a project, or have a query about you might involve young people, please feel free to contact us at mycitytoo@open-city.org.uk

"We'd been unsuccessful in engaging young people, so I was looking to find a way they could have a stake, and not just saying: 'Write us a letter and tell us what you think', but to have a discussion. My objective is that the My City Too group will report to that panel, to make sure their contribution is heard at the highest level. I was enthused by this stuff, because I'm a bit of a sad planner. But getting young people enthused in terms of long term planning in their area is crucial to their communities."

Stephen Kelly, Planning Director, Harrow Council